Evidence-based Solutions Work Better

Here are four case studies demonstrating how we helped clients be successful.

By catching what other approaches missed, we provided clients a major advantage. If you want to provide something better than your competition, you need to use a better approach and tools than they do. Less disciplined methods may catch most of what is important. Many people claim they can create a map (journey maps, experience maps, etc.). But most maps we have compared our work with, have missed very important things.

It’s the hardest to uncover insights that are the most critical. And that is the edge gained by using People Architects. It’s why when other approaches work 5-45% of the time, our approach works over 94% of the time.

New Product-Medical Device Design, Trial & Commercialization

Five, going on six, FDA Approved Devices In a Row

Five, going on six, FDA Approved Devices In a Row


By mapping and modeling medical procedures with the most successful physicians in the world, we have helped numerous healthcare and medical technology companies:

  • Design medical devices that physician customers feel much more confident about adopting into their practice and using with their patients.

  • Educate providers and their teams on how to most safely and effectively perform medical procedures (often rated as the best training they have ever received).

  • When post-release issues surface, we help solve issues quickly and often in a way that turns a problem into an opportunity. (Example of a research project that resulted in a cardiology journal article with recommendations that has, in less than one year, dramatically changed how doctors around the world are doing anesthesia when implanting this device).

  • If a medical procedure is having safety issues, we show clients how to resolve them and prevent them from happening again.

  • If sales are not reaching targets, we determine how to adjust marketing and sales strategies to achieve increased success.

  • New methodologies require end users to make behavior changes. Xpert Map+Model+Design™ makes it easier to plan a strategy for making behavioral change intuitive and easy. Ideally, they won’t even notice they are making the change. Our approach is integrated with the best social science and behavioral change research.

Strategic Planning-Market Strategy

New Product Solutions - Professional Services

108 Consecutive Successful New Product Launches Hit Over 300% of Projected Y1 Targets

108 Consecutive Successful New Product Launches Hit Over 300% of Projected Y1 Targets


By mapping customer jobs in professional practice areas, we helped a Fortune 100 news and information company:

  • Redesign product offerings to address unique challenges for each professional practice area (e.g., multiple legal practice attorneys, accountant specialists, and financial professionals)

  • Determine products and services that were missing in the offering but were critical to help with the customer’s most frustrating pain points. New and redesigned solutions were either created or acquired to fill the gaps.

  • Focused new product and services development on helping customers with their most frustrating tasks.

  • Design tiered packaging and pricing options to meet the specific needs of different segments of professionals with similar needs.

  • Redesign login portals to address the specific work needs for each professional area of expertise. This made it easier for each end user to interface with the services and find the solutions most important to them (improved usability and human factors experience).

  • Design a total customized experience solution/platform integrating sales, support and online access for each customer to determine the best solution for them, learn how to use solutions, and integrate solutions into their daily workflow. Handoffs on the provider side between departments now work seamlessly (not a small accomplishment).

Sales Effectiveness

More than doubled Y1 to Y2 Revenues & Margins

More than doubled Y1 to Y2 Revenues & Margins


A specialty company president feared he would not be able to continue to achieve the same growth rate he had achieved during his 4-year tenure. The 'low hanging fruit' had been picked. How could he grow significantly in the upcoming year?

Our work resulted in his highest annual growth rate ever. This is what was accomplished:

  • We created a new business model based on franchising their services to competing organizations that need this capability but lacked the expertise to run the operations effectively. Providing them a franchise allowed them retain their branding, but have this client managing the operations much more economically. The client doubled Y1 revenues and increased margins by 50%, far exceeding his accomplishments in the preceding 4 years.

  • Customers disliked in-person sales calls. It interrupting their busy schedules too much. We redesigned sales as an internal marketing function that did not require face-to-face selling. Focus was on providing customers improved learning opportunities, networking, best practice information and tools.

A year later the president of this business was promoted to CEO of Specialty Companies where we continued to implement our Xpert Map+Model+Design™ methodology for his new specialty business lines.

$301m 10% Y1 Growth from Xpert Map+Model+Design™

$301m 10% Y1 Growth from Xpert Map+Model+Design™


We helped a $3.1b sales force increase their sales by 10% the first year after our work (controlling for market conditions).

  • Mapping resulted in a quantifiable model predicting where to focus to have the most impact.

Solution Design sessions created consensus for the following programs:

  • Implemented an Account Strategy Planner with a predictive algorithm for likelihood of sales success.

  • Defined four buying personas and specific sales strategies for each persona. An online tool allowed reps to determine a customer’s persona and how to leverage their own style more effectively.

  • Developed coaching and assessment tools to improve sales rep performance.

  • Created skills training and manager coaching tools integrating best practices from the top performers. Modules included:
    1. Foundations for Partnership
    2. Win-Win-Win Negotiation
    3. Communicating Value

  • Developed and redesigned new marketing tools and collateral to focus on benefits not just features.

People Architects received a 10% bonus on our fees based on the outstanding results proven to have occurred as a result of our work.

People need to know that this is not your ‘grandmother’s Oldsmobile’ approach. This is not a “negative gaps” or “barriers: approach. That focuses us too much to what we call “niche users,” “laggards” and all these things that are not going to help us win in the marketplace.
People Architects’ mapping is creating opportunities in our markets. It is not just about a product launch or training, it’s about understanding our customers so that we will be more strategic and make better decisions.
I love Xpert Mapping™ because it is a positive approach. We start by studying our highest performers. It is the secret sauce that makes us win in the marketplace every time.
— Longtime customer with fourteen successful design and launch projects