People Architects' Personal Playbook

A Personal Playbook is created for each map. A map means little if it is not translated quickly into ACTION.  The Personal Playbook makes this easy and intuitive.

Initially, the Playbook makes it easy to edit the map online. Each page nor section of the map has a comment form.

Voting and Ratings can also be entered for each section of the map. This can determine how important a step is as well as how satisfied reviewers are with current performance of the step. This is translated into an prioritized action plan or a set of recommendations or guidelines focused on the biggest opportunities.

Each "round" of commenting and voting helps a larger group of experts refine the information for each step in the map.

Voting can be combined with each round of commenting to quantitatively assess the level of consensus among the experts for each part of the map. This is sometimes referred to as the Delphi Method, a commonly used research methodology created by the Rand Foundation in 1978 for helping a group of experts come to consensus. It is often helpful to see where experts agree and disagree on a part of the map.

After their is consensus, the Personal Playbook allows the map to be used in helping other improve their job performance. Applications include:

- New Hire Training

- Browser-based Apps and Tools

- Coaching

- Checklists

- Evidence-based Research

- Written Materials such as Articles, Publications and Guides

- Real-time Data Gathering