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A single insight can transform your future.

Imagine what a rainstorm could do.


We provide people information they can trust
so they can perform at their best.

People Architects’ Map + Model + Design approach has been proven successful in over 240 projects. It works practically every time.

We help clients:

  • Design solutions customers grasp with enthusiasm

  • Launch products without setbacks

  • Educate customers to implement complex solutions without complications

  • Increase the rate of adoption dramatically

  • Calculate strategies to capture market share

  • Solve market problems

  • Gain regulatory approvals

  • Create peak performance training

  • Energize teams and cultures

Designing solutions that work the first time requires something more.

Every time People Architects works with us we learn at least 4 game-changing insights. Even when we are sure we know everything we need to know. Each insight saves us millions of dollars and months, often years, of time in false efforts. Now we just integrate People Architects approach with every new product and acquisition. It is by far the best market research we have ever performed.
— VP of Marketing, Medical Device Market Leader
Tim McClernon, CEO

People Architects’ Map + Model + Design Works.

* 240+ projects over 25 years have proven our approach to solving people problems works over 90% of the time as compared with clients’ previous 5-40% success rates.

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Let us help you design a solution guaranteed to work.
Before it's too late.

My leadership team learned more in two days observing customers map their job than we have from years of surveys, Voice Of the Customer interviews and focus group investments.
— Sr. VP, Fortune 100 News and Information Company
Why do customers make the decisions they do? We were trying to get to the heart of that. With People Architects’ help we did.
 The first 2 days of mapping gave us insights that normally would have taken months to years for us to learn. We learned things we may never have learned any other way ever.
— Marketing Director, Medical Device Manufacturer