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Insights You Trust-Strategies That Work

People Architects

Solves People Problems.


People Problems are Challenging.

People Have to Do Something New For Your Solution to Work.

We Map + Model + Design People-Perfect Solutions for each endeavor.

  • Marketing & R&D teams design solutions customers grasp with enthusiasm.
  • HR & Training create peak performance learning.
  • Leaders define strategies and create cultures for energizing growth and innovation.

You know telling people to change won't work.

If telling people worked, we would be the thinnest, richest people in history.
— Tim McClernon, CEO, People Architects
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Our People-Perfect Methodology Works.

* 240+ projects over 25 years have proven our approach to solving people problems works over 90% of the time as compared with traditional 5-40% success rates.

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Let's design your people-perfect solution...
before it's too late.

My leadership team learned more in two days observing customers map their job than we have from years of surveys, Voice Of the Customer interviews and focus group investments.
— Sr. VP, Fortune 100 News and Information Company
A major challenge we face is understanding why customers make the decisions they do. A topic of great interest! We know they influence each other. We were trying to get to the heart of that. With People Architects’ help we did.
 We accomplished in 2 days of mapping what would have taken months to years. And we still would never have been able to understand our customers nearly as well.
— Marketing Strategist, Medical Device Manufacturer