“Customers helping us map were so excited they clapped for themselves at the end of a spectacular day. Then we clapped for them and Tim as well. The energy was inspirational.”
— Marketing Vice President, Professional Services
I learned so much watching Tim facilitate. His skill at helping people express the hidden, most intimate aspects of their work is exceptional.
— Market Research Director

Introducing Dr. Tim

Creating solutions guaranteed to work the FIRST time requires expertise in multiple areas. It requires knowing how to get the people aspects aligned with the technical solution. How many great products fail when they are launched? Some people claim new products fail as often as 94% of the time. Our proven results show exactly the opposite. Our solutions WORK over 94% of the time.

Most solutions fail because technical specialists miss the people elements. It isn’t enough to have a solution that works: solutions have to work for real people in real time. Dr. Tim will make it easy for you to align the people solution with the technical solution to assure success.

Dr. Tim's groundbreaking work creating hundreds of Xpert Maps™ over 25 years in multiple industries and applications assures your project will produce valuable results every time.

People may think it is easy to create a map. Dr. Tim’s approach is different. He has refined his facilitation skills to assure the information People Architects captures is accurate and complete. Too many facilitators don’t have a sense of when they have missed something important. People have to feel safe to share their failures as well as their successes.

He has spent a lifetime learning how to facilitate a team to bring out their best. Great facilitation requires knowing when to push, when to pull, and how to make it fun for people to reveal their wisdom and insights into how a job is performed.

If your mapping workshop does not leave experts feeling like they have worked hard, like they have revealed practically everything they have ever learned, and created literally hundreds of insights for the people in the room, you are not doing mapping right. The enthusiasm and energy should be palpable at the end of the work. Participants should clap. They should be glowing with pride in what they have accomplished.

Dr. Tim specializes in Action Research which energizes people to solve practical, immediate problems. Action Research works with complex human problems and routinely solves persistent, complex problems where other approaches have failed.

A powerful combination of social and behavioral science scholarship and experience hallmarks Tim’s role as consultant and coach. His mission to “Enhance people’s ability to excel at performing life’s most important jobs” is built on a foundation of Ph.D. research in Human Development and Performance from the University of MN.

Dr. Tim has multiple publications (peer-reviewed journal articles, chapters and books), keynote speeches, adjunct teaching (leadership, strategy, positive psychology), volunteer work, and professional association participation (e.g., Association for Talent Development, Academy of Human Resource Development, Customer Experience Professional Association, LifeScience Alley).

Residing in Minneapolis, Tim is an avid bicyclist, classical music enthusiast, amateur chef, and volunteer helping students from diverse backgrounds achieve educational success.

People Architects, Inc.

People Architects is a performance innovation and solution design firm. We integrate an interdisciplinary approach to solve the world's most challenging people problems. Qualitative insights are tested quantitatively to arrive at solutions guaranteed to work the almost every time.

Our work reveals INSIGHTS that optimize IMPACT.

We facilitate innovation.

We shift markets.

We create measurable results.

Our work fundamentally creates value for people, teams, enterprises and societies.

Our IMPACT resonates around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from our solutions.

People Architects’ Map + Model + Design approach surpasses traditional market research, performance improvement and innovation approaches. What we do is not that complex, but clients are emphatic that it is unique and better than what they have experienced before.